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First Public Outing for Neuron UCAV

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Presentation In Flight of the Neuron

(Source: Dassault Aviation; issued December 19, 2012)

On Wednesday, December 19, a presentation in the nEUROn flight was organized by Dassault Aviation at Istres for French and foreign authorities involved in the programme.

The director-general for armaments, Mr. Laurent Collet-Billon, and several of his counterparts, the leaders of the main corporate partners, many diplomats, general officers and journalists were present.

After in-flight and ground presentations, Mr. Edelstenne gave a speech in which he recalled how the nEUROn is innovative:
-It is the first ucav built in cooperation,
-It is the first stealth fighter aircraft
- and this is the first aircraft in combat completely designed and developed on a collaborative virtual plateau.

Mr Collet-Billon said then that, "their technical skills and their proven know-how, industrial they listed this face to the challenge posed by the calendar's design for a demonstrator of such complexity. Dassault Aviation, Saab and Alenia, EADS Casa, HAI RUAG have managed with great professionalism this technological challenge. "