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British UAVs in Helmand Reach 5,000 Flights

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Helmand UAVs Reach 5000 Flights

(Source: British Forces Broadcasting Service; issued August 7, 2012)

In Afghanistan, 22 Battery, 32 Regiment Royal Artillery has reached a milestone by flying one of their ISTAR assets more than 5 thousand times in theatre.

The Hermes 450 is one of the unmanned aircraft systems which fly over Helmand, monitoring insurgent activity.

The drones are controlled from Camp Bastion by members of the regiment, which is responsible for the Hermes 450, Desert Hawk and T Hawk ISTAR systems.

The H450 uses its on-board camera to spot suspicious activity, track patrols, assess battle damage and locate enemy targets.

The system has flown over 5,300 flights in theatre since 2007.