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Israel Develops Autonomous Anti-IED Robot

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A Combat Engineering Breakthrough: Autonomous Detonation Robot

(Source: Israel Defense Forces; issued July 24, 2012)

IDF Ground Forces develop a new robotic engineering scout that will move on its own and detonate explosives, significantly reducing risk combat engineering soldiers face

Detonating explosives from far away: The robotic engineering scout, currently under development, utilizes a variety of engineering capabilities to overcome dangerous ground obstacles and explosives. The robot uses a navigation system that enables it to move on its own, an explosive detection system, and a variety of detonation methods.

The system will be used as a preliminary engineering tracker in urban settings and open fields. The operator will identify a suspicious area and the robot will be able to calculate and carry out a series of necessary operations in order to get to the spot. Without using a joystick to direct it, the robot will scan the area, locate explosives or mines and detonate them.

The robot is still under development, though once complete it will significantly reduce the risk combat engineering soldiers are exposed to and will enable overcoming threats and obstacles quickly and safely, during combat.