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DGA Delivers First Minirogen Anti-mine Robots

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DGA Delivers the First Ground Robots MINIROGEN

(Source: French Defence Procurement Agency, DGA; issued June 11, 2012)

PARIS --- The Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA, French defence procurement agency) presents at Eurosatory the ground robot MINIROGEN (mini robot for combat Engineers), intended for the engineer teams in charge of the mine clearance of roads susceptible to be trapped.

The first ten robots have been delivered, on a total of 29 copies ordered by the DGA from the French company ECA Robotics in the end of December, 2011 in the framework of an urgent operational request.

MINIROGEN aims at securing the operations of the engineers in search of possible improvised explosive devices. Remotely piloted, this small ground robot allows to protect the operator from the threat during the phases of inspection of suspicious objects or of potential hiding places.

Its low mass (approximately 6 kg) and its reduced size allow MINIROGEN to inspect places of difficult approach, such as the water buzzards or the bottom of a vehicle.

DGA has invested for several years in the field of robotics, so accompanying the industrial development of adapted technologies. In its center “DGA Land Systems”, established in Bourges (Centre of France), it has today specialists capable of specifying and qualifying this type of military equipment.