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First UAVFlies from Italian Navy Ship

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Camcopter S-100 First UAS Ever to Fly from An Italian Navy Ship

(Source: Schiebel; issued April 30, 2012)

VIENNA --- Schiebel's Camcopter S-100 has taken a further step inconsolidating its strong maritime position by being the first UAS (Unmanned AirSystem) to ever fly from an Italian Navy ship.

The S-100 was flown from the ITSBersagliere, a Soldati Class frigate and successfully carried out a number ofmissions for observers from the Italian Navy.

From the Italian Navy Base of La Spezia a number of scenarios were flown and theCamcopter S-100 performed flawlessly in sea states three to four and with windspeeds of up to 25 kts. The payload of choice was a Wescam MX-10 camera,transmitting high definition images in real-time to the control station during the 4,5 hoursof flight time.

Upon hearing of the success of the demonstration Hans Georg Schiebel, Chairman of theSchiebel Group, commented This was a very proud day for the CAMCOPTER® S-100and Schiebel as a whole. To become the very first UAS to ever operate from an ItalianNavy ship is an honour that we do not take lightly and we are delighted to have had thisopportunity. Our thanks goes the Italian Navy General Staff and Fleet Command forhelping to make this possible, along with, of course, the Commanding Officer of ITSBersagliere. The feedback we have had has been extremely positive and we lookforward to assisting the Italian Navy in whatever way we can in the future. The increasein operational capability that the S-100 brings to maritime operations serves to make avery real and tangible difference to a ship’s capabilities in a number of ways and we arepleased to offer this flexibility.

Including the Italian ship, the S-100 has successfully proved its maritime surveillancecapability on 14 different classes of vessels so far in three oceans. To date, theCamcopter S-100 has operated on both military and civilian vessels at relative windspeeds of up to 40 kts and consequently its maritime capability has been successfullyproved to various navies worldwide.

Founded in 1951, the Vienna-based Schiebel Group of companies focuses on the development, testingand production of state-of-the-art mine detection equipment and the revolutionary Camcopter S-100Unmanned Air System (UAS). Schiebel has built an international reputation for producing quality defenseand humanitarian products, which are backed by exceptional after-sales service and support. Since 2010Schiebel offers the new division composite and is able to supply high-tech customers with this high-qualitycarbon fiber technology. All products are quality-controlled to meet ISO 9001 standards.

With headquarters in Vienna (Austria), Schiebel now maintains production facilities in Wiener Neustadt (Austria), and AbuDhabi (UAE), as well as offices in Washington DC (USA), and Phnom Penh (Cambodia).