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New Iveco Recce Vehicle Uses UAVs, Optical Sensors

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New Italian Recce Vehicle Uses UAVs, Optical Sensors

(Source: Defense-Aerospace.com; published April 17, 2012)

The four tubes mounted on the turret of the VBM Explorer allow compressed-air launch of the Horus UAV, which substantially extends the vehicle’s detection and reconnaissance range. (CIO photo)

PARIS --- Italy’s OTO-Melara / IVECO consortium will unveil at the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris a new variant of their VBM Freccia (arrow) armored reconnaissance vehicle comprising new sensors, including small UAVs, to automatically fuse incoming data and generate a single tactical situation report for the vehicle commander and for onwards transmission.

Four tubes fitted outside the turret allow compressed-air launch of OTO-Melara-developed Horus small UAVs, which provide observation capabilities beyond the line of sight. Data collected by Horus is automatically transmitted to the vehicle commander’s main console, who can thus benefit from multi-sensor situational awareness in real time. The vehicle is also fitted with a panoramic-view Janus FF sensor provided by Selex Galileo.

This version of the VBM is designated “VBM Freccia configurazione Esplorante,” or Freccia VBM reconnaissance configuration).

Like several other armored vehicles developed by the IVECO/OTO-Melara consortium, this variant of the VBM will be exhibited at the Eurosatory show in Paris, June 11-15.