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IAI Presents Upgraded UAS Mission Simulator

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Israel Aerospace Industries Presents the Upgraded UMT- Advanced UAS Mission Simulator

(Source: Israel Aerospace Industries; issued March 27, 2012)

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) presents the comprehensive and high-quality mission trainer: UMT UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) Mission Trainer.

UAS are a key element in the modern battlefield in the air, ground and sea, in the tactical as well as strategic levels. In order to meet the growing need for UAS high-capability simulators UMT was developed. UMT addresses the needs of all UAS operational personnel (pilots, observers, payload operators and external pilots) at all training stages. As such, it provides singular, team and multi-team training as well as advanced inherent brief, debrief and trainees management capabilities.

Based on IAI's vast experience in UAS development, operation, training and simulation UMT is designed to enable the operator in training to control the UAS flight as well as operate its systems in a professional manner. UMT systems simulate complex operational scenarios in which a separate or coordinated operation is required as well as control of various payloads, changing targets and extreme weather conditions.

Various avionics and payload modules are integrated in UMT's design with high-end off-the-shelf commercial systems and specially developed IAI's products, including the unique IOS (Instructor Operating Station). UMT's architecture is based on modular components that might be replaced and upgraded easily. It allows connection to other HLA based trainers and execution of multi-training scenarios.

UMT is currently in use by various IAI's customers around the world. IAI develops UMT simulation systems tailored for specific customer requirements. UMT enables training for a variety of UAS by different manufacturers.