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Vanguard Corrects Drone Accident Report

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Vanguard Defense Industries Drone Incident Inaccurate As Reported By Examiner.com

(Source: Vanguard Defense Industries; issued March 8, 2012)

SPRING, Texas --- On March 4, 2012, "The Examiner.com" released an article written by Houston's NBC affiliate KPRC reporter Stephen Dean which was inaccurate.

The article titled, "Drone Crashes Into SWAT Team Tank During Police Test Near Houston," stated that the event was a "police test," detailed that it was a "lost link" to the aircraft which caused the incident and suggested that the event was recent in nature, all of which were incorrect. Despite granting an interview to Dean just two days prior, Vanguard's Chief Executive Officer Michael Buscher detailed the specifics of the September 23, 2011 incident to Dean, but was misquoted in the article, while significant portions were not an accurate portrayal of the incident in general.

Michael Buscher announced today, "Due to the substantial inaccuracies and misquotes, our firm has suffered significant damage to our professional reputation, not only within the aerospace industry, but among our law enforcement client base as well."

According to Vanguard's Operations Division and statements provided by Chief Randy McDaniel of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, the actual event occurred as follows:

On September 23, 2011, during a low-level manual test flight (>15') of a Vanguard Defense Industries owned & operated military prototype UAS, the aircraft experienced a mechanical malfunction of the transmission.

While attempting to conduct an emergency landing, the aircraft struck the spotlight assembly of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office (MSCO) Lenco BearCat vehicle which was onsite due to a photo shoot occurring earlier the same day with a separate Shadowhawk UAS.

The incident resulted in less than $100.00 in damages to the BearCat vehicle and under $300.00 in damage to the prototype.

The event took place at the company's 165-acre private Flight Training and Test facility located in Conroe, Texas.