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US Air Force Drone Shot Down Over Libya

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RPA Lost Over Tripoli, Incident Under Investigation

(Source: US Africa Command; issued Nov. 22, 2019

STUTTGART, Germany --- An unarmed U.S. Africa Command remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) was lost over Tripoli, Libya, Nov. 21.

RPA operations are conducted in Libya to assess the ongoing security situation and monitor violent extremist activity.

These operations are critical to counter terror activity in Libya and are fully coordinated with appropriate government officials.

The incident is currently under investigation.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: It is interesting that US African Command felt the need to say that the drone was unarmed.
The Italian Air Force lost a Reaper unmanned aircraft also over Libya last week, shot down according to local media reports by a Pantsir-S air-defense missile.
The two events are a clear reminder that, contrary to what has been happening in the permissive environments of Syria, the Horn of Africa and South West Asia, Medium-Altitude, Long Endurance drones are very vulnerable to air-defense systems.)