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India Plans $7.5 Bn Deals for Armed Drones, Spy Planes

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India-US $7.5 Billion Deals for Armed Drones, Spy Planes in Pipeline (excerpt)

(Source: NDTV; posted November 17, 2019)

NEW DELHI --- Amid growing military ties between India and the US, the Indian military is moving closer towards deals for procuring American defence equipment worth over $7 billion from the US, including Sea Guardian armed drones and naval spy planes.

The two projects are moving ahead separately as one of them is a tri-services project while the other is being steered by the Indian Navy.

"All the three services are collating their requirement for the Sea Guardian armed drones which will give us a strong capability in terms of high-altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicles and also enhance our capabilities to carry out surveillance," government sources told ANI.

They said since some of the capability requirements of the three services would be different from each other, their collation would take a few months and a Letter of Request is expected to be issued to the American government for the government-to-government deal by the February-March time frame.

The Trump administration had approved the sale of armed drones to India in June this year and offered it to be equipped with required missiles and other systems.

Earlier, among the three services, only the Navy seemed to be interested in the procurement but now all the three services are showing interest in the project, the sources said.

The project is expected to cost over $4.5 billion to the defence services. (end of excerpt)

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