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Sweden Reduces UAV Costs with New Agreement

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UAV Agreement Saves 20 Million

(Source: Swedish Armed Materiel Agency; FMV; issued Nov 06, 2019)

(Unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)

FMV has signed a new agreement for the unmanned aerial system Örnen, which will reduce the cost of maintenance and upgrades by 20 million krona per year.

When FMV acquired UAV 03 Eagle for the Armed Forces, it was a project that in a short time procured a proven American system. The timetable was pressed to have a flying system in place for the international operation in Afghanistan in which Sweden participated.

FMV made the requirements specification and carried out certification, accreditation and finally verification of the system according to Swedish standards.

The Eagles made the first reconnaissance flights in Afghanistan in 2011 and then followed up with Swedish associations for the UN operation in Mali 2015. According to the associations, the system contributed to the security of the troops and allowed them to deliver intelligence information.

The Eagle in Sweden

Before the Eagle will now begin to be used in Sweden, FMV has upgraded the system with new software and a new maintenance agreement directly with the manufacturer. FMV will also keep the modifications that need to be made and update the documentation needed.

Project manager Johan Wallström and product manager Joakim Karlsson keep an eye on Örnen. They have led the work of upgrading the UAV system with new software and a new maintenance agreement.

Project manager Johan Wallström and product manager Joakim Karlsson at FMV have run the project and initiated several news. They have worked closely with the Armed Forces affiliates who have used and used the Eagle.

“We have made the agreement directly with the manufacturer of the system. This makes it a clearer relationship without intermediaries,” says project manager Johan Wallström.

“The new agreement is based on the fact that the union does a lot of maintenance itself. In concrete terms, this means that they troubleshoot, replace components and send them to the manufacturer for repair,” says Joakim Karlsson, product manager FMV.

The unmanned aerial vehicle Eagle is shot from a catapult and links video down to the ground control station in real time. It provides important information to the unit.

UAV 03 is affiliated with the 32nd Intelligence Battalion of the Swedish Armed Forces and it is within their organization that the system will mainly be used. Nicklas Fredriksson is Division Manager.

“We look forward to using UAV 03 in the national context, a tactical UAV system offers great opportunities and there is a great demand for using the system in several arenas and capacities.”

Facts UAV 03 Eagle
-- Weight: ~ 170 kg
-- Span: ~ 4 meters
-- Endurance: ~ 6 hours
-- Range: ~ 125 km

The unmanned aerial vehicle Eagle is suspended from a catapult and can be in the air for up to six hours. In the meantime, video is linked down to the ground control station in real time and from there is forwarded to the processing equipment. It is a matter of quickly analyzing the sensor information, producing images and scouting reports that form the basis for the joint's planning.