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UK Drones Strikes Analyzed Using FoI Data

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UK Drones More Likely to Target Individuals Than Infrastructure Data Analysis Reveals

(Source: Drones Wars UK; issued Nov 05, 2019)

Examination of UK air strike data from the past two years shows that British unmanned drones have been used far more often to attack individuals on the ground in Iraq and Syria than the UK’s other strike aircraft, the Tornado or the Typhoon.

Analysis of reports published by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) over the two years up until September 2019 show Reaper drones launched two-thirds (67%) of the 110 strikes at ISIS fighters in the open while other aircraft were used far more often to launch attacks on buildings, fighting positions, strong-points and other infrastructure.

Half of all UK Reaper attacks (51%) were targeted at individuals on the ground compared to only 10% of Tornado and Typhoon strikes. Altogether, Reapers launched 29% of the UK’s strikes in this two-year period.

A total of 499 UK air attacks on specific targets have been identified from the reports published by the MoD which we have broken down in to 20 categories including ‘buildings’; ‘positions’, ‘armed truck’; ‘fighters; ‘heavy weapons’ etc. For the vast majority of individual reports, the specific aircraft undertaking the attack was given.

On 33 occasions the attack was carried out by a joint Tornado/Typhoon patrol and so these are detailed separately. According to FoI data, two Reaper attacks occurred in July 2019 and two Typhoon attacks in August 2019, however these were not detailed in RAF updates so the targets are unknown. (end of excerpt)

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