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MyDefence Wwins Counter-UAV Military Contract

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MyDefence North America wins Counter Unmanned Aerial System Military Contract

(Source: MyDefense; issued Sep 24, 2019)

MyDefence North America is excited to announce another government contract win for 2019. For the past year MyDefence has been working with the DOD on developing a customized kit for protecting dismounted soldiers from the ever-evolving threat of small unmanned aerial systems.

The Wingman Squad Kits will be deployed overseas and used as intuitive drone detection systems that will work right out of the box. The Wingman are wearable, drone alarm systems capable of detecting remote controlled commercially available drones at long ranges.

Our proven, reduced SWAP-C advantages combined with our operationally tested and proven TRL 9 form factor, offer unrivaled configuration options and abilities for the end user. MyDefence is committed to protecting dismounted troops and is constantly developing and improving our technology with the warfighter in mind.

MyDefence North America, based in Raleigh, NC, is a subsidiary of the OEM technology company, MyDefence Communication, Nørresundby, Denmark. MyDefence specializes in C-UAS products and emerging technology integration. At MyDefence we leverage a deep understanding of military operations and robust insight into advanced radio technologies, with expertise of highly skilled engineers.