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Indian Rustom 2 Unmanned Aircraft Crashes in Karnataka

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DRDO's Rustom 2 Plane Crashes in Karnataka

(Source: DNA India; posted Sept. 17, 2019)

By Jaipal Sharma

DRDO's Rustom 2 unmanned aircraft crashed during test flight in Karnataka's Chitradurga, villagers take selfies.

The incident created panic among villagers who first rushed near to the aircraft crash site to save the passengers but left surprised when they didn't find anyone there.

An unmanned aircraft 'Rustom 2' belonging to the Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO), crashed at Jodi Chikkana Halli in Chitradurga District, Karnataka on Tuesday.
The unmanned aircraft was on a test flight which surprised villagers when it crashed near Jodi Chikkana Halli in Chitradurga District.

Several people turn up to the site to witness the crash and started taking selfies until police reached the spot.