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Spain Unveils VVT Tethered UAV Recce System

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Navantia Shows at FEINDEF Its VVT Project with the UAS Developed by SDLE

(Source: SDLE; issued June 05, 2019)

The Spanish Army last year carried out the first tests of the new Navantia tethered drone system integrated into an Uro VAMTAC S3 4x4 light armored vehicle. The UAV is an hexacopter with a maximum take-off weight of 15 kg. (SDLE photo)

Navantia presented in Madrid, at the International Defense and Security Exhibition (FEINDEF), its Ground Surveillance Vehicle (known in Spanish as VVT) system, a project focused on the needs of the Intelligence Units of the Army. Star Defense Logistics & Engineering (SDLE) has joined this project incorporating an unmanned aerial system (UAS) that expands the situational awareness of the vehicle.

The Spanish Army carried out in November last year the first tests with the new Navantia system, integrated into an Uro VAMTAC S3 4x4. The Director of Aeronautica SDLE, Ángel Castro, explained how the range, resistance and sensors that the UAS allows increase the strategic capabilities of this system: "It provides the possibility of elevating communications and the information obtained from an high point of view, broadening the situational awareness and giving unknown and really interesting capabilities, to make an even more innovative vehicle".

The UAS developed by Aeronáutica SDLE is an hexacopter which has been designed according to the needs of the VVT system, its maximum take-off weight (MTOW) is 15 kilos, although the drone can be customized by modifying materials, weights and software equipment according to the project needs.

It is a captive system, connected to the station in the vehicle by a cable length up to 150 meters. The equipment is powered by the battery of the vehicle itself, so that its endurance in flight is unlimited, it shields communications and increases the scope and capacity of surveillance and anticipation given by this Navantia development, with its foundations in the VERT project (Ground Recognition and Exploration Vehicle ) of the company.

Star Defence Logistics & Engineering (www.sdle.info) has an extensive experience as independent distributor of spare parts for military vehicles and equipment. SDLE is one of the main suppliers of the military sector in Spain, and is already exporting products and services to more than 25 countries. Its continuous growth and commitment to innovation have led the company to also be a leader in logistical and technological support services, as well as in the development of UAVs.