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EDA Details Roadmap for UMS Program

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Methodology and Coordination Roadmap for the UMS Programme

(Source: European Defence Agency; issued January 16, 2012)

In December 2010, ten EDA participating Member States and Norway signed an agreement for launching an R&T programme on “European Unmanned Maritime Systems for Mine-Counter-Measures and other Naval Applications” (UMS).

A UMS Management Committee (UMS MC) has been established for the management and coordination of the UMS programme. One of its tasks is to develop an appropriate “methodology supported by a coordination roadmap” for implementing the programme itself.

The UMS MC has finalised a first version of the methodology and coordination roadmap which is expected to be a living document throughout the implementation of the programme.

The document is attached for public distribution in order to inform stakeholders about the vision set by the nations contributing to UMS, demonstrate the work done so far, and enable transparency.

It shall also encourage further involvement from relevant stakeholders, invite the European industry to further endorse the vision set by the UMS programme, increase synergy and coordination with other relevant national, European and international activities; and avoid duplication with work performed in other frameworks.