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Drone Show Korea 2019 Showcases Latest and Greatest in Drones

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Drone Show Korea 2019 Showcases Latest, Greatest in Drones

(Source: Korea.net; issued Jan 25, 2019)

Drone Show Korea 2019 opened at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (BEXCO) on Jan. 24, with the annual event displaying the past, present and future of the drone industry.

Under the theme “Connected by Drone,” this year’s exhibition is the fourth of its kind and runs from Jan. 24-26. It features approximately 300 drones and related parts and materials produced by a combined 110 companies from Korea and overseas.

A drone powered by a hydrogen fuel cell grabbed visitor attention at the opening ceremony. Developed and produced by Doosan Mobility Innovation, the drone can fly up to two hours, far longer than the 20- to 30-minute limit of other drones using lithium batteries.

Another popular event was a demonstration of long-distance video transmission using 5G, namely SK Telecom of Korea’s “T live caster” service. When a user from the 5G control tower at BEXCO gave a signal to a drone placed at Haeundae Beach, the service enabled the user to shoot and watch a video from a long distance.

A combined 410 booths offer a variety of drones with cutting-edge technologies.
One drone that stood out was Shift Red, developed by This is Engineering and a hit at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this month. The light drone allows users easy remote control simply by putting one’s thumb in the small ring.

Another popular drone was the Dronebot by the Republic of Korea Army. This device is capable of reconnaissance and surveillance functions and can even remove explosives as part of the military’s drive to set up a dronebot structure.

Replicas of drones usable in natural disasters or for public safety purposes were also on display. These drones are being developed by the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI).

Visitors can also learn more about the latest drone technologies as an international conference, presentations of new products and technology, and drone events will be held on the sidelines.