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Korean Marine Corps Embraces Drones as Key Combat Platform

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Marine Corps Embraces Drones as Key Combat Platform

(Source: Korea Times; issued Nov 20, 2018)

The Marine Corps plans to adopt drones as its next key combat platform, allowing the unmanned aerial vehicles to spearhead its reconnaissance and combat operation activities.

"We will introduce drones to conduct amphibious operations as part of a first step before widening their usage," a Marine Corps representative said, Tuesday.

Marines currently have to take risks when carrying out amphibious operations, but with drones, they can detect any possible risk factors before stepping foot on land under such circumstances, according to the official.

To discuss a more detailed strategy to embrace drones, the Marine held a seminar Tuesday, inviting 250 drone experts from the military, research and industry circles.

"The Marine had an in-depth discussion with drone experts during the seminar to brace for the rapid rise of technology in use for next-generation combat systems," the official said.

The Marine also said it has to carry out uncertain and complex drills, so there has been a strong demand for technology to help conduct missions in a more efficient and safe way.

It has yet to draw up specific timelines for how to embrace more drones in other areas.

But it said it would establish unmanned intelligent drone robot, or dronebot, combat systems to enhance its combat readiness in a more accurate way. The intelligent dronebot refers to drones that can carry out the detection of the enemy in real time in the air, according to the Marine.

The drone-led combat drive is part of the Ministry of National Defense's Defense Reform 2.0 drive. Starting this year, the ministry has gone all-out to simplify and streamline military operations by taking advantage of drones.

In particular, the ministry recently unveiled its plan to dispatch drones in 2024 to major military camps of all branches of the military here, including the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps.

Other technologies the ministry plans to introduce include 3D printing, virtual reality and augmented reality.

The Marine said it will do its utmost to stand at the center of the national defense by embracing unmanned aerial combat platforms specializing in military operations.