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Uzbekistan Receives RQ-11 Small Drone

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Uzbekistan Receives RQ-11 UAV

(Source: Forecast International; issued Sept 12, 2018)

TASHKENT -- Uzbekistan's military has taken delivery of the RQ-11, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Last week, the Uzbek Ministry of Defense released a photo set of an event called 'Army and Youth' held in Farg'ona region. At the event, the Uzbek Armed Forces displayed a range of military equipment, including the RQ-11, marking the second time the UAV has been seen with the Uzbek military this year. Last month, video of joint exercises with Tajikistan revealed that the Uzbek military was making use of the RQ-11.

The RQ-11 is a small, hand-launched UAV produced by AeroVironment. The UAV has a range of about 10 kilometers and can travel speeds of around 30 kilometers per hour. Each RQ-11 system is composed of three vehicles, two ground control stations, and other support equipment, according to the U.S. military. The systems cost about $260,000 each.

It is not immediately clear when Uzbekistan ordered the RQ-11 or how many were received.

In May 2018, Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev traveled to the U.S. to meet his counterpart, U.S. President Donald Trump, and discuss a range of bilateral topics, among them potential defense cooperation between the two countries. President Mirziyoyev did not directly address the subject of arms sales, but he heralded a "new era for a strategic partnership between Uzbekistan and the United States of America" and pointed out that Uzbekistan has "been procuring from the U.S. a lot of technology as well as the equipment."