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Israeli Patriot Downs Syrian UAV

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“Yahalom” Battery Intercepts Syrian UAV

(Source: Israeli Air Force; issued July 11, 2018)

The IAF intercepted a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) that infiltrated Israel’s territory from Syria using a “Yahalom” (Patriot) weapon system battery. Combatants from the Air Defense Division detected the threat and monitored it

The IAF has intercepted a Syrian UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) that infiltrated Israel’s territory using a “Yahalom” weapon system battery. Combatants from the IAF’s Air Defense Division detected the threat and monitored it. The IDF will not allow any violation of Israel’s airspace and will act against any attempt to harm its civilians.

“At twenty past three, we identified a UAV flying towards the buffer zone, at which point we began to monitor it using the IAF’s location and detection systems”, said IDF Spokesperson Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis. “We detected and monitored the UAV before it reached the buffer zone. We performed a number of actions, part of which were preventative and others defensive. As soon as the necessary inspections were completed and we understood that we had optimal conditions for action, we intercepted the UAV using a ‘Patriot’ missile from a battery in Safed. It hit the UAV and intercepted it. Its parts fell in the Kinneret area. Activity occurring south of the Kinneret is meant to gather the aircraft’s parts and handle the incident”.

“We Had Full Operational Control”

The IAF’s location and detection systems monitored the UAV. Four fighter jets and two attack helicopters were scrambled to the scene. The Syrian UAV was intended for reconnaissance missions and was most likely unarmed. Sirens were sounded following its interception. Whether the UAV invaded Israel’s territory accidentally or intentionally is currently being checked.

“We will continue to act against aircraft infiltrations. We will also continue humanitarian aid activity”, added Brig. Gen. Manelis. “The UAV reached 9.6 kilometers into Israeli territory, everything will be studied and debriefed. The UAV performed a mission before infiltrating Israel. We can estimate that it was an unintentional action. We are familiar with the UAV’s model, which had also passed in Jordan. We were in contact with the Russians to prevent any disputes”.

“As soon as we identified the Syrian UAV, we had full operational control of its movement”, emphasized the IDF Spokesperson. “We are prepared for a possible breach of sovereignty in the Golan Heights area as a result of the unfolding warfare in Syria. We will not allow the 1974 agreement to be violated and will not allow Israel to be endangered”.