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RAM Block 2 Missile Shoots Down UAV

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Successful Test Firing of a RAM Block 2 Missile Against a UAV

(Source: BWB; issued December 16, 2011)

The first guided test firing of the RAM Block 2 missile under development was carried out successfully on 6th December 2011. With the direct hit achieved in this test it was demonstrated that the new system is able to detect, track and destroy a flying target to be engaged.

The RAM Block 2 development is necessary to ensure a capability to counter current threats with increased risk potential. To this end, a modern passive radar seeker head with enhanced sensitivity and improved target discrimination, a larger rocket motor and an upgraded flight control system with four control surfaces (so far two) for higher agility and an improved range are being developed.

The test firing took place at 13.01 hours local time on San Nicolas Island, California. The telemetrized RAM Block 2 missile was fired against a BQM-34S unmanned aerial vehicle fitted with infrared and radar emitters that simulated an attacking antiship guided missile. A first quick analysis performed on site confirmed that all test objectives have been achieved. Further evaluations will be done in the days ahead by Raytheon Missile Systems, LFK-Lenkflugkörpersysteme and Diehl BGT Defense (DBD). The guided test-firing of another two missiles in the course of the development process is scheduled for 2012.

The RAM guided missile (Rolling Airframe Missile) is designed for ship-based short-range air defense. The RAM program has been pursued bilaterally for more than 30 years with the USA on the basis of 50:50 shares and joint rights. The industrial partners are Raytheon Missile Systems (USA) and RAMSYS (Germany), who also have 50 percent shares.

Upon completion of the development phase the new missile is planned to be procured starting in 2013.