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New Chinese Armed Drone Completes Maiden Flight

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Chinese Reconnaissance and Strike Drone Completes Maiden Flight

(Source: Xinhua; published July 5, 2018)

China’s AVIC has developed and flight-tested the Yaoying-2, a medium-altitude, low-speed, long-endurance (MALE) unmanned aircraft capable of reconnaissance and strike missions, and mainly aimed at the international market. (AVIC photo)

BEIJING --- China's self-developed Yaoying-2, a new reconnaissance and strike drone, has successfully completed its maiden flight, according to developer Aviation Industry Corporation of China Thursday.

Aimed at the international market, Yaoying-2 is a medium-altitude, low-speed, long-endurance Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) with both reconnaissance and strike capabilities.

With full automatic control and integrated navigation, the new drone can conduct photoelectric image reconnaissance and surveillance, radar image reconnaissance, and communication signal detection.

The drone can provide real-time image and monitoring information for many fields, including firefighting, disaster relief, aerial photography, oil pipelines, forest fire prevention and land resource surveys.