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Russian Army to Receive Orlan-10 UAVs This Month

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Orlan-10 UAVs to be Supplied to Russian Defenсe Ministry Units This Month

(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued May 02, 2018)

A Russian soldier prepares to launch an Orland-10 small unmanned aerial vehicles during its acceptance trials. Deliveries are to begin this month, the defense ministry said. (RUS MoD photo)

Officers of one of the St. Petersburg military representations have started technical acceptance of the Orlan-10 unmanned aerial complexes. In May, within the framework of the current State Defence Order, the manufacturing enterprise will transfer 40 samples to the RF Defence Ministry units.

The Orlan-10 UAV is a multifunctional unmanned complex designed for surveying objects in hard-to-reach terrain. In addition, the Orlan-10 is equipped with electronic warfare means. Also, the UAV is capable to install interference transmitters and set cellular jamming zones. The air vehicle can work with 3G and 4G networks and is able to distinguish between friendly and foe information transmission means.

The vehicle weighs about 10 kg. The Orlan is equipped with a catapult launch. It is capable of transmitting a video signal at a distance of up to 120 kilometres and being in flight for more than 10 hours.