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Use of Armed Drones Increased in First Quarter 2018

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Three-Month Snapshot Shows Expanding Use of Armed Drones

(Source: Drones Wars UK; issued April 6, 2018)

By Chris Cole

Over the past few years States, international organisations and civil society groups have expressed concern about the increasing proliferation and use of armed drones. To illustrate what is happening, Drone Wars has compiled details of the use of armed drones in the first three months of 2018. Due to both the lack of transparency by operators and the difficulty of reporting strikes from the remote locations where they often occur, this survey is undoubtedly incomplete. I

n addition, the fact that multiple nations are operating armed drones to launch strikes against differing groups in Syria (US, UK, Israel, Turkey and Iran) and Yemen (US, UAE and Saudi Arabia) makes attribution and accountability for strikes there almost impossible. Nevertheless, this short survey (1 Jan 2018 – 31 March 2018) gives something of an insight into the use of armed drones by multiple operators to launch strikes in multiple countries.

The United States

The US continues to be the most prolific users of armed drones and in this short three-month snapshot we have identified US drone strikes occurring in seven separate countries; Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan and Afghanistan. (end of excerpt)

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