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US Air Force Trains Base Defense Teams for Counter-Drone Ops

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Airmen Rise Above Drone Encounters

(Source: Air Combat Command; issued Sept 07, 2017)

MOODY AFBASE, Ga. --- Airmen from the 823d Base Defense Squadron participated in introductory drone training Aug. 30, here.

The one-day course taught defenders how to read and react to enemy drones quickly and efficiently while in a deployed environment.

“Not many people know how enemy drones sound, how they maneuver or how to stop them, and that leaves you vulnerable,” said Alex Morrow, introductory drone training instructor. “This course will provide knowledge and awareness that could one day save someone’s life.”

While the defenders were taught how a drone operates, the ability to precisely identify them and alert others with accurate information is integral.

“The goal of this training is to arm defenders with the proper knowledge of drone operations so they can accurately track, identify, and report on the potential threats,” said 1st Lt. Brian Mangum, 820th Combat Operations Squadron chief of intelligence training. “We must be as accurate as possible when we paint the picture of the enemy to leadership so they can make the best decision on how to counter the threat.”

Once the defenders were taught how to identify an enemy drone they were presented with a weapon to subdue them, a drone defender rifle.

“A drone defender rifle produces an unmanned aircraft system counter measure that can be used to disable a drone” said Morrow. “We plan for Moody’s defenders to gain confidence that they can bring out with them once they face a drone in the field.”

All in all, the defenders were informed on one of the many threats that they could face while deployed and gained an assurance that may one day save lives.

“I’ve learned so many things today that I never knew about drones and their behavior,” said Senior Airman Johnny Hillary, 823d BDS fire team member. “I didn’t have any about knowledge about how they work, but now I trust in my instincts and knowledge to stop them.”