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Stealth Tanks and Sniper Drones: Israel Reveals Future Military Technology

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Stealth Tanks and Sniper Drones: Israel Reveals the Future of Military Technology (excerpt)

(Source: Haaretz; published Sep 05, 2017)

By Gili Cohen

The Defense Ministry has revealed some of the technology being developed by Israeli defense companies and the ministry’s research and development division, which includes a stealth tank and weaponized drones.

The Israeli army is currently reviewing the technology from the division, known by its Hebrew acronym of Mafat.

Some of the projects involve future technology that is still being developed. Others, such as a weaponized drone, are already close to the operational trial stage with Israel Defense Force units.

As previously reported by Haaretz, two trials are currently underway among ground forces. One involves an unmanned armed drone, while another features an unmanned drone designed to help ground combat forces move equipment.

The Defense Ministry released video footage showing the aircraft being tested – including the hovering drone, whose weaponry is designed primarily as sniper fire.

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