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Kazakh Navy’s New ECA Minehunting System Operational

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ECA Group UMIS Mine-Warfare System for the Kazakh Navy Is Now Fully Operational

(Source: ECA Group; issued May 15, 2017)

The Unmanned Mine Counter Measure Integrated System (UMIS) delivered and installed by ECA Group onboard the new mine hunter “10750E Class” of the Kazakhstan Navy, has successfully gone through Sea Acceptance Trials (SAT).

Built by the Russian shipyard SNSZ in St Petersburg, this first mine hunter has reached Aktau through the rivers and channels by the end of the winter. Fitted with ECA Group’s MCM system this MCMV will be capable to survey and protect the North-Eastern coast of the Caspian Sea in a fully unmanned mode keeping the ship and its crew in a safer position.

Composed of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) A9, Identification and mine disposal vehicles (EMDS) K-STER and a single multifunction console integrating the mission management software suite, this ECA Group UMIS system provides a fast and cost effective solution to MCM operations from initial seabed survey, target detection and classification down to final identification and neutralization.

With their high-resolution sonar and video camera, the A9 AUV and identification vehicle K-STER I are not limited to MCM missions and will also provide the Kazakhstan Navy with maritime surveillance capabilities such as Search and Rescue (SAR) operations.

Always committed in a long-term support with its customer, ECA Group has also established a partnership with a local company which will be in charge of the maintenance of the system and the training of the crew.