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Ukraine Unveils New Weapons Fit for Phantom UGV

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Ukrainian “Phantom” with New Armament at “Idex-2017”: International Premiere

(Source: UkrOboronProm; issued Feb 20, 2017)

UKROBORONPROM SE “SpetsTehnoExport” represented a new modification of tactical unmanned multipurpose vehicle “Phantom” at IDEX-2017.

The anti-tank missile system “Barrier” – mounted on “Phantom” – will allow mobile low-observable “Phantom” hitting heavily and lightly armored targets at the distance of 100 to 5000 meters. Besides, “Phantom” is equipped with a stabilized turntable platform for different types of weapons. “Phantom” firing trials – held with the installed 12.7 mm machine gun – confirmed high efficiency of the new development.

Ukraine’s SpetsTechnoExport presented the latest version of its unmanned tactical multipurpose vehicle "Fantom" at the International Defence Exhibition and Conference IDEX-2017.

Hybrid engine with all-wheel drive, independent suspension and hydraulic braking system ensure “Phantom’s” high performance, including when driving in sand. Communication between the control center and the “Phantom” is provided by means of secure radio channel with action radius of up to 10km or via fiber cable of up to 5 km length.

According to “SpetsTehnoExport” director Pavlo Barbul, upgraded version of the tactical unmanned multipurpose vehicle demonstrates just one of the many configurations of “Phantom”: “The objective of this project is to create military equipment that can effectively perform a variety of combat tasks while protecting and saving the lives of soldiers.”

The first modification of “Phantom” was represented during “Arms and Security 2016” in Kyiv. Depending on configuration, “Phantom” can provide covering fire for ground forces, conduct reconnaissance, checkpoints and border control; can transport ammunition, retrieve wounded from the battlefield, serve as the power source, and participate in demining operations. In addition, “Phantom” can be used together with unmanned aircraft complexes. UOP SE “SpetsTehnoExport” will also demonstrate unmanned aircraft complexes in the framework of IDEX-2017.

IDEX-2017 – held in Abu Dhabi (UAE) from 19 to 23 February – is one of the world’s largest exhibitions and conferences, bringing together manufacturers and suppliers of defense products from 50 countries. This year participants will fill over 133,000 square meters of exhibition space.