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Ukraine Industry Ready to Produce Mini-UAVs

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UOP Is Ready to Meet the Needs of the Armed Forces in Mini UAVs

(Source: UkrOboronProm; issued Jan 04, 2017)

Domestic drones – BpAK-MP-1 from UOP enterprise JSC “Meridian” named after S.P. Korolyov -- are already tested by Ukrainian Army and are ready for mass production in the amount of over 100 units per year.

“The complex was developed and implemented into production together with scientists of the National University “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute “. During the year, we set up production of the given complex and are ready to supply the Army with over 100 UAVs a year – for this purpose the enterprise had deployed a special manufacturing line, “- said the head of the enterprise V’yacheslav Protsenko.

Complex BpAK-MP-1 consists of three UAVs, ground control station and surveillance antenna system and charging devices. In 2016 was made 11 complexes, which is 33 drones and accompanying equipment. In case we receive the order, the enterprise can expand output up to 200 UAVs a year and supply the army with drones of this class.

In January 2016, exactly one year ago, “UkrOboronProm” delivered the first batch of these UAVs. NSDC Secretary of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov – together with the military – took part in the delivery of the first batch of UAVs. He was the one who announced the further UAVs use is in the ATO area and said that mass production of UAV’s – from design up to the final product – in addition to technological advantages allows significantly save the budget as this complex is three times cheaper than its imported counterparts.

“Under the given circumstances, low price and budget savings while maintaining the quality and the military-technical characteristics is a very important advantagewhich in future will allow to successfully compete on external markets as well,” – said Alexander Turchinov.

The advantage of Ukrainian UAV is that it is manually launched. In addition, it works under technical countermeasures, and as soon as the combat mission is over, the UAV descends by parachute.

JSC “Meridian” named after S.P. Korolyov had systemic management problems, constant disruptions of joint meetings that sabotaged its work; raider attack attempts also took place. With the support of the leadership of the State Concern “UkrOboronProm”, on April 23, 2015 general meeting of shareholders of JSC “Meridian” named after S.P. Korolyov were held. As a result, the decision to pay shareholders dividends to individuals in the amount of 495,55 thousand UAH was made. Before that, people did not receive dividends since 2009.

According to Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 04.07.2012 №716 «Some issues of state concern” Ukroboronprom “state corporate rights,”the State Concern has authority to manage state corporate rights of JSC “Meridian” named after S.P. Korolyov state block of shares in the authorized capital of the Company is 50% plus one share.

In 2016 the Armed Forces also received the first batch of armored vehicles “Dozor”, besides the SC “UkrOboronProm” fulfilled the State defense order.