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Drone Strikes Spread as Proliferation Surges

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Drone Strikes Spread as Proliferation Surges

(Source: Drone Wars; posted Dec 06, 2016)

By Chris Cole

The last fifteen months has seen a surge in the use of armed drones by a second wave’of users. Most of the drones have been acquired from China but some countries have managed to develop the technology independently. It is highly likely that other countries will acquire the technology and begin launching drone strikes over the next 18 months, including European countries.

The implications for global peace and security of multiple nations using drones to launch cross border strikes is very serious.

While some continue to insist that armed drone proliferation is not a problem, arguing that the technical barriers to operating such systems are prohibitive, this short survey has identified that four of the new wave of users (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey) have launched cross border strikes on at least six occasions (UAE in Yemen and Libya; Saudi in Yemen; Iran in Syria and Iraq; and Turkey in Iraq) in the past 15 months alone.

While there are embryonic moves by international community to develop controls over the proliferation and use of armed drones, analysts and campaigners alike agree that they need to be much stronger than presently proposed – and draw in China and other exporters – if there is to be any realistic chance of stemming the tide of drone strikes.

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