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Atlas Releases Scout Mk II Side Scan Sonar for AUVs

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Release of Scout Mk II Side Scan Sonar

(Source: Atlas Elektronik Group; issued September 13, 2016)

Atlas North America is pleased to announce the release of our Scout Mk II Side Scan Sonar, the latest addition to the Marine Sonic Technology product line. It is the newest and most advanced side scan sonar for the AUV market today.

The Scout Mk II is the next evolutionary step in sonar technological advancement. It’s the smallest, lightest, least power consuming and yet quite possibly, the best value in a side scan sonar on the market today. This compact configuration returns precious payload space to the AUV designers while still rendering the most detailed underwater images of up to 0.4cm of resolution!

The Scout Mk II is delivered with transducers customized for each AUV, in frequencies from 300-1800 kHz, in either single or simultaneous dual frequency, that guarantee a high quality, efficient mounting interface and a depth rating to match any AUV’s performance requirements. We cover the spectrum.

“The Scout Mk II leverages the compact design of the Scout Lite sonar and offers a modular, versatile, and affordable sonar which, with its small size, is easy to integrate into any AUV”, said Sergio Diehl, President of ATLAS North America.

The Scout Mk II is the next step in the evolution of the Atlas Marine Sonic Sonars, which are known for their superb quality, ease of use that are specifically designed for today’s challenging environment. The Scout MK II an advanced side scan sonar for all AUV applications, whether large scale or the new emerging Micro AUV market.

ATLAS North America is a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlas Elektronik GmbH of Bremen, Germany and serves the U.S. market with a specific focus on undersea technology and unmanned vehicles. ATLAS NA is located in Yorktown, Virginia, and is capable of providing any of the ATLAS Group products as well as a broad range of associated technical and logistics support services for the entire product life-cycle.