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India Still Seeking U.S.-Made MALE UAVs

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India Still Seeking U.S.-Made MALE UAVs

(Source: Forecast International; issued August 29, 2016)

NEW DELHI --- India is continuing its attempts to purchase unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) from the United States. New Delhi reportedly wants to procure 100 Predator XP UAVs. This deal is worth $2 billion and the U.S. could approve the deal in the near future.
In 2015, the U.S. government cleared General Atomics' proposal to market the unarmed Predator XP in India. The Indian Navy wants these UAVs to monitor the presence of Chinese submarines and warships in Indian Ocean.

The U.S. has successfully deployed Predator UAVs in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Meanwhile, India's state-run DRDO has developed indigenous unmanned aircraft like Rustom and Nishant. The Rustom-2 can remain aloft for 36 hours.