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Unmanned Ground Vehicles Protect US Base in Djibouti

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Unmanned Ground Vehicles Protecting US UAV Base in Djibouti (excerpt)

(Source: DefenceWeb; posted August 18, 2016)

The United States military is using Mobile Detection Assessment Response System (MDARS) unmanned ground vehicles to protect Chabelley airfield in Djibouti, which is home to unmanned aerial vehicles.

Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA) recently revealed that MDARS serves as an additional security asset capable of detecting intruders on the airfield and perimeter. MDARS is based on the Polaris Ranger all-terrain vehicle.

“The MDARS, the Mobile Detection Assessment Response System, are security patrol vehicles,” said Joshua Kordani, software engineer from Land Sea Air Autonomy, which supplied the vehicles. “They provide the operator with a mobile platform they can use to assess any sort of condition remotely around the base.”

Resembling a high-tech golf cart, the MDARS is an automated vehicle with the primary duty to travel around the perimeter of the airfield to detect and deter any possible threats— and all on its own accord.

“These vehicles are remotely operated, they are autonomous, so you give the vehicle a plan of where you want it to drive and the vehicle makes a decision about where to drive on its own,” Kordani explained.

The MDARS acts as an additional asset for soldiers who provide security for the airfield. (end of excerpt)

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