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Spain Joins European MALE UAV Program

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Implementation of the Remotely-Piloted High-Altitude, Long-Range Aircraft Program

(Source: Spanish Government; issued Aug. 05, 2016)

(Issued in Spanish only; unofficial translation by Defense-Aerospace.com)

The Council of Ministers today [Aug. 5] approved the Agreement on Implementation of Phase 1 (Definition Phase) of the European Remotely-Piloted Medium-Altitude, Long-Range (MALE) Aircraft,” for an estimated value of 17,589,000.00 euros today.

This agreement has its origin in the "Framework Agreement" signed between the Minister of Defence of the French Republic, the Federal Ministry of Defense of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Ministry of Defence of the Italian Republic and the Minister of Defense of the Kingdom of Spain on cooperation on a Remotely-Piloted High-Altitude, Long-Range Aircraft Program (MALE RPAS).

The European MALE RPAS program meets an operational need for the armed forces, which require a capability for an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft system based on an unmanned aircraft, to support operations both within and outside national territory.

Participation of Spanish industry

The proposed solution is the development of a remotely-piloted aircraft system developed in the European Union, with the participation of the Spanish industry, so the purpose of the Agreement is to ensure the continuation of this program in which Spain is a party.

The purpose of this Agreement is the implementation of Phase 1, consisting of studies and analysis of current capabilities available to European industry to develop these systems, known as drones, and which will be carried out by the aerospace industries of the participating countries.

During this phase, which will last two years, the definition of the system, consisting of aerial platforms, sensors, ground control stations, data processing stations for information, and communications and data terminals will be defined, along with the requisite ground support equipment.

The Implementation Agreement shall be valid for four years after signing, unless the contributing countries unanimously decide to terminate or extend it before then.