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Tactical Cloudlets, Fog and Edge Computing for Next Gen UAVs

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Prismtech Webcast to Explore How Tactical Cloudlets, Fog and Edge Computing Will Enable Next Gen Autonomous Systems

(Source: PrismTech; issued July 22, 2016)

BOSTON, Mass. --- PrismTech will be hosting a free webcast, “DDS at the Tactical Edge – Next Generation Military Fog Computing and Cloudlets,” on July 26, 2016.

New fog computing and tactical cloudlet technologies are enabling real-time analytics and other computational functions to be performed at the tactical edge of a network, right at the data source – for example, soldiers on the battlefield. This will help enable the next generation of intelligent, mobile and autonomous military systems to send, receive and process information when and where it is needed, ensuring speedier and optimal mission-critical decision making.

The webcast will discuss the Department of Defense’s next-generation “Third Offset” initiative and how real-time data-centric network edge computing, based on the Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard, will be key to delivering on the military’s priorities for autonomous systems, increased use of robotics, miniaturization and big data.

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