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Royal Navy Squadron Takes Delivery of Mini UAV

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700X NAS Takes Delivery of Mini Unmanned Aerial System

(Source: Royal Navy; issued July 12, 2016)

700X Naval Air Squadron have taken delivery of their first Commercial of the Shelf (COTS) mini unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

With the proliferation of these systems in the commercial market and the fact they present a very cheap but able “eye in the sky” capability, it is felt that they may have utility in the Royal Navy.

Possible tasks include: ship superstructure / building surveys, public relations, ice/estuary navigation, perimeter security and overwatch of boarding operations.

Step in 700X NAS, who are currently classifying and testing a selection of systems while developing a training course for units wishing to use these systems in the Defence Aviation Environment.

As a consequence, the unit is rapidly becoming the Centre of Excellence in this developing area.