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First Italian Predator B Reaches 10,000 Flight Hours

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First Predator B Reaches 10,000 Flight Hours

(Source: Italian Air Force; dated June 10, 2016)

On Friday, June 10, an MQ-9A Predator B belonging to the Italian Air Force, reached 10,000 total flight hours during an operational sortie on behalf of Operation Prima Parthica.”

Operation Prima Parthica, part of the counter-ISIL (Daesch) coalition effort, deploys units from the Italian Army and Carabinieri para-military police to educate and train Peshmerga fighters and the Iraqi police, while the Air Force is deployed in Kuwait with two Predator-B remotely-piloted aircraft and four AM-X light fighter-bombers for reconnaissance and surveillance missions, supported by a KC-767 tanker for in-flight refueling.

The Predator-Bs, assigned to the 28th Squadron of the 32° Stormo based in Amendola (FG) since July 2010, demonstrate the concrete commitment of the unit and the Air Force to ensure an adequate security framework and a deep "situational awareness" for the diversified operational scenarios in which the unit has been employed.

Specifically, the Predator-Bs of the Air Force, in addition to having operated in several important national operations, such as Major Events such as the Jubilee of Mercy, has been, and is currently, successfully employed in the following international operations:

• NATO mission ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) in Afghanistan;
• Mission "Safe Sea", in the central Mediterranean;
• Mission "Joint Enterprise" in Kosovo;
• Mission OUP (Operation Unified Protector) in Libya.

The 32° Stormo conducts operational, training and technical operations of the Predator unmanned aircraft, in order to acquire and maintain the ability to perform ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, Reconnaissance) operations on behalf of national and coalition forces. With the Aermacchi MB-3339, the unit also provides comprehensive training of pilots in order to ensure an adequate level of training on traditional manned aircraft.