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Thales Sells Gecko Drone Detection and ID System In SE Asia

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Thales Provides the Gecko Solution for Detecting and Identifying Drones In Civil Airspace

(Source: Thales; issued May 26, 2016)

Thales has achieved its first sales contract for the Gecko solution within the civil domain. The solution will detect and identify small-size drones for the civil airspace of a South-East Asian country.

The contract includes the Gecko solution, Squire radars and various thermal cameras. The Gecko solution is required to be in operation before the end of 2016

The purpose of the project is to provide various deployable posts for the detection and identification of small-size drones. A local control post for each deployable post will be provided, as well as a centralised control post. The contract integrates the Gecko optronic solution, Squire radars and various thermal cameras. The client will use this solution, provided by Thales, in public events to monitor different urban areas and, especially, to control the use of drones.

The Thales Gecko is developed in Spain and has dual application, both civil and military. It is based upon an optronic solution that employs Thales’s long-range infrared Suzie camera. It is a fully Spanish product development with dual application, both civil and military. The solution will have the flexibility to be deployed in different places over a period of several weeks and will tackle today’s challenge of detecting small-size drones in the civil airspace.

For Thales in Spain, undertaking this project is a veritable milestone, as this is the first time it has signed an export contract for the Gecko solution.

The military version of Gecko is already in use by the Army as a means for distance vision for RG-31 protected vehicles and for the clean-up of routes. In the civil sphere, Gecko is also being used in Spain as a surveillance solution for borders, drug trafficking, etc. The Gecko solution is planned to be in operation by the end of 2016.

“As a key actor in the UAV market, Thales is excited to embark on this project with the aim of tackling the complexity of detecting small-size drones and the challenges that we face due to the civil use of drones in airspaces worldwide,” says José Sarnito, Business Development Director for the Thales in Spain Aeronautics, Defence and Security Area.