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UK Startup Unveils Anti-Drone Weapon

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Startup Pitches Anti-Drone Launcher As Answer to Rogue UAVs (excerpt)

(Source: The Guardian; published March 4, 2016)

Northumberland-based OpenWorks Engineering’s SkyWall fires net-containing projectiles to disable and capture nuisance civilian drones. (OpenWorks photo)

What’s the answer to a drone that has gone rogue and is flying where it shouldn’t? According to Northumberland-based startup OpenWorks Engineering, it’s an air-powered net launcher that fires small anti-drone projectiles.

The SkyWall is a new shoulder-mounted compressed-air launcher that fires shells containing a net and parachute to capture and bring a drone back to the ground without damaging it.

The Northumberland firm’s launcher looks like something out of a computer game, complete with a targeting computer and holographic scope to predict a drone’s flight, which the company says will help law enforcement take out potentially dangerous targets.

The launcher weighs 10kg, uses compressed air and can fire almost silently at drones up to 100m away, reloading in 8 seconds, according to the company.

The efficacy of the SkyWall will rely on the accuracy of the human controlling the launcher, as well as the drone not changing direction after the projectile has been launched.

The managing director of OpenWorks Engineering, Chris Down, said: “OpenWorks Engineering believes that security enforcement authorities need a cost-effective and proportionate way of protecting the public and high-profile individuals and we wanted to put a system on the market that offered just that.” (end of excerpt)

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