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Aeronautics to Exhibit Orbiter UAV Family at Singapore Airshow

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Singapore Air Show: Aeronautics to Showcase Orbiter Family of UASs

(Source: Aeronautics Ltd.; issued Jan 18, 2015)

The Orbiter 2 UAV can fly for 4 hours to a distance of up to 80 km, and carries a multi-sensor camera with day-and-night channels and a laser pointer, but no weapons. (Aeronautics photo)

SINGAPORE AIR SHOW --- Aeronautics Ltd. will exhibit its family of Orbiter UAS's at the Singapore air show. Aeronautics will exhibit the Orbiter 2, Orbiter 3 and the new loitering unmanned system Orbiter 1K- the latest members of the Orbiter Family.

All three systems are suited for land as well as maritime environments, requiring a very small logistic footprint and only 2-3 operators. With cutting-edge, enhanced imagery export capabilities, and improved avionics systems, the Orbiter has accumulated hundreds thousands of operational hours, and is considered a leader in its class.

The Orbiter 1K is a loitering unmanned system. Given a specific waypoint, the loitering Orbiter 1K can detect and destroy a moving or a stationary target. The system can also operate on the base of a given area range: the Orbiter 1K independently scans the area, detects and destroys the target – moving or stationary. In case the target wasn’t detected or in any change of plans, the system’s recovery capability allows it to return to its base camp and land safely using a parachute and an airbag.

Launched from a catapult, the Orbiter 1K can fly for 2-3 hours, carrying a multi-sensor camera with day-and-night channels. The loitering system is compact and easily controlled from a personal GCS.

The compact and lightweight Orbiter 2 UAS system - offering extended endurance and range - can fly for 4 hours to a distance of up to 80 km. The system carries a multi-sensor camera with day-and-night channels and a laser pointer. Easy to operate, it can be assembled in 10 minutes, is launched from a catapult, and lands using a parachute and an airbag. Operational even in the harshest weather conditions, it is gyro-stabilized with tri-sensor and zoom payload. Delivering advanced image processing, accurate navigation, and net landing capability for maritime operations, it is easily controlled from a personal GCS.

The Orbiter 3 Tactical UAS is a compact and lightweight system for military and homeland security missions, providing an operational range of up to 100 km and up to 7 hours of endurance. Carrying a triple sensor payload with day-and-night, thermal image and laser pointer, the system has significant tactical UAS capabilities in a mini-aerial platform body. Assembled in 20 minutes, the fully-autonomous, vehicle-mounted system enables static and on-the-move operation. Providing a tri-sensor and stabilized EO/IR payload, it uses a catapult take-off and a parachute and airbag recovery, and is electrically powered for silent covert operation.

According to Amos Mathan, Aeronautics' CEO, "We are pleased to participate and present our Orbiter family of UAS's at the Singapore Air Show. We recognize the importance of the Asian market, and believe that our products are well fitted for this market.

Aeronautics has amassed many years of experience in the development and manufacturing of unmanned systems. The company's mini UASs -- Orbiter 2 and Orbiter 3 -- have accumulated more than 200,000 of operational flight hours [by] the beginning of 2016. Today, the company's Orbiter UASs are being used by 35 different clients all around the world, where some of these clients are considered as world leaders and most advanced ones".

Aeronautics Ltd., an Israel-based defense solution provider, is a world leading developer and manufacturer of Unmanned Aerial Systems focusing on the Mini, Tactical, and MALE UAS categories. Since its establishment in 1997, the Company's products have been delivered and successfully serve over 50 defense, military and homeland security customers on five continents.