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Turbocharger Failure Led to Predator Crash

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MQ-1B Predator Accident Report Released

(Source: US Air Force Air Combat Command; issued Oct 19, 2015)

LANGLEY AFB, Va. --- An engine turbocharger failure led to the crash of an MQ-1B Predator remote aircraft May 1, 2015, according to an Air Combat Command abbreviated accident investigation board report released today.

The aircraft was assigned to the 11th Reconnaissance Squadron, 432nd Wing, Creech Air Force Base, Nevada. At the time of the mishap, the aircraft was conducting launch and recovery training operations at Creech. The aircraft was substantially damaged on impact with losses valued at approximately $4.5 million. There were no injuries or reported damage to private property as a result of the crash.

The board president determined, by a preponderance of evidence, that the cause of the mishap was a seized turbocharger. The seized turbocharger reduced engine performance which prevented the aircraft from gaining altitude and clearing the terrain along the flight path of the mishap aircraft.

The AAIB further found the turbocharger seized as a result of a malfunctioning turbocharger lubrication system.