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Dominator XP UAV Completes Maiden Flights In Mexico

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Aeronautics’ Dominator XP Successfully Completed Maiden Flights In Mexico

(Source: Aeronautics; issued Sept 29th 2015)

The Dominator XP was developed in Israel and is now being flight-tested in Mexico, where it achieved its first sale. (Aeronautics photo)

YAVNE, Israel --- Aeronautics’ largest UAS, the Dominator XP, successfully completed a series of maiden flights in Mexico. The system was sold to the Mexican government via Balam security, a Mexican marketing company.

The Dominator XP is a Medium Altitude Long Endurance UAS (MALE UAS), Based on a DA-42 twin star commercial aircraft. The Dominator XP offers high MTBF (mean time between failures) similar to the manned aircraft. The high reliability resulting significantly lower maintenance costs relative to other vehicles of its kind. Providing comprehensive ISR missions at long ranges, the Dominator XP is ideal for military as well as homeland security missions, over land and sea.

Amos Mathan, Aeronautics’ CEO: “The dominator is the highlight of Aeronautics development in the recent years. Taking a civil aircraft and transforming it into UAS allows the operators to enjoy all the benefits of a large UAS in an affordable price and with exceptional reliability. This is the first contract in which we export the UAS instead of renting it to the costumer, and I have no doubt that after the implementation of the system in Mexico we will soon market the dominator to other countries as well."

Asaf Zanzuri, Balam Security’s CEO: “We welcome the opportunity to market a product such as Aeronautics’ Dominator to the Mexican Government, and we are confident that it will be a highly useful tool for maintaining Mexico’s internal security. The maiden flights were successful also due to the proficiency of the costumers’ local teams, and the great cooperation between the two sides”.

Aeronautics LTD, an Israel-based defense solution provider, is a world leading developer and manufacturer of Unmanned Aerial Systems focusing on the Mini, Tactical, and MALE UAS categories. Since its establishment in 1997, the Company's products have been delivered and successfully serve over 50 defense, military and homeland security customers on five continents.

Aeronautics has the following subsidiary holdings: Commtact (100%), Zanzottera (100%), Controp (50%) and RT (51%). Aeronautics CEO is Colonel (ret.) Amos Mathan.

Balam security is a Mexican company that markets and distributes advanced systems and technology to international markets, particularly Latin American. The company has extensive experience in implementing intelligence technologies as well as security services and training courses in the fields of security, HLS and Special Forces. Balam Security CEO is Asaf Zanzuri. The company representative in Israel is Alon Dayan.