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Russia, China Developing World’s First Drone-Carrying Missile

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Russia, China Developing the World’s First Drone-Carrying Missile

(Source: Sputnik International; published Sept 09, 2015)

A multiple rocket launcher jointly being developed by Russia and China will feature the world’s first ever missile capable of hauling a drone.

"Using this new configuration we’ll be able to reconnoiter far-off targets pretty fast as the drone is carried 90 kilometers [56 miles] away by a missile moving at a tremendous speed," Rostec deputy director Dmitry Rytenkov told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

"The UAV will then fly for around 30 minutes scouting the designated area in a real time mode and sending obtained information to the operator," he added.

On the Russian side the development work on the 300mm missile is being done by Splav — a Tula-based scientific production association.

Earlier it was reported that the two countries will jointly create a brand new heavy-lift helicopter.