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Largest Chinese-made UAV Makes Maiden Flight

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Chinese-Made Largest UAV Makes Maiden Flight In Gansu

(Source: People's Daily Online; published August 31, 2015)

The screen shot of a CNTV video shows that one of China's largest UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) has completed its maiden flight successfully. (Photo: CNTV)

China's domestic-made largest UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) made maiden flight in northwestern China's Gansu province on August 30. With more than twice as large as the previous one of the same kind, it leads the world both in size and take-off weight, CCTV reports.

In order to give way to the civilian aircraft, the UAV, "Rainbow 5", chose to fly in early morning. After 20-minitue of flight, it landed smoothly on the runway and stopped in accordance with the procedures set in advance. The whole process was completed by the vehicle itself.

The Rainbow 5 is a low altitude and long endurance UAV. With a wingspan of 20 meters, the Rainbow 5 UAV was developed to perform reconnaissance and strike missions and can cruise for more than 30 hours. Its take-off weight reaches 3 tons and has a load capacity of around 900 kilograms.