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Israeli UAVs Cooperate with ISR Aircraft

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UAVs in Combat

(Source: Israel Defense Force; issued July 6, 2015)

UAV and intelligence gathering squadrons practiced various warfare scenarios in Israel's Northern arena. Among the simulated missions were operation in urban areas and rapid target detecting

As part of routine training for a possibility of an escalation in Northern Israel, UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle) and intelligence gathering squadrons recently simulated various scenarios that are likely to take place in the event of a military campaign breakout.

During the exercise, the emphasis was put on missions aimed at assisting aerial attacks. The participants were required to foil attempts of high-trajectory fire, destroy Surface-to-Air batteries and eliminate enemy high command.

The prime mission of the UAV and intelligence gathering squadrons is locating targets and obtaining sufficient data for the fighter jets to execute the air strike. Afterwards, air reconnaissance controllers and UAV operators direct the relevant forces toward the targets (SAM batteries, ammunition reserves and terrorists).

"We also simulated dealing with multiple targets in urban areas and under the ground, attacking targets which have short visibility period during which they are attackable and distinguishing between military and civilian targets", explained Major Amit, who led the exercise. "It requires us to keep improving our deciphering capabilities, generating a status report as quickly as possible and building high-quality cooperation between the UAV and intelligence gathering squadrons and the combat squadrons".

UAV operators, who sit in the operating stations far away from the battle field and air reconnaissance controllers who fly on board the "Beechcraft King Air B-200", cooperated in the important exercise.

"We believe that the connection between the squadrons is a central contributor the success of the mission", said Major Omer, who commanded the exercise in the "First" squadron. "These trainings force us to rehearse the foundations of the mission and cooperate with the different UAV and combat squadrons".