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Airbus DS to Team with India’s Kadet On Unmanned Target

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Airbus Defence and Space to Team with Kadet Defence Systems of India On Unmanned Target

(Source: Airbus Defence & Space; issued Mar 5, 2015)

Airbus Defence and Space and Kadet Defence Systems (KDS) of Kolkata, India have signed a strategic cooperation agreement covering the sale and marketing of services and products in the field of aerial targets.

The companies have teamed initially to offer Airbus Defence and Space´s Manoeuvrable Expendable Aerial Target (MEAT) to the Indian Air Force and Army and the exclusive new agreement will extend that to offer further products inside India and for export.

KDS’ range of lower speed aircraft will complement Airbus Defence and Space’s higher speed family permitting a range of products to be developed and manufactured in Europe and India.

The teaming lays a roadmap for technology transfer, joint product development, local manufacturing, and provision of joint services in the Asia Pacific region.

Peter Gutsmiedl, Head of Airbus Defence and Space, India said: “This teaming agreement further demonstrates our clear commitment to India as a strategic market and partner, and underlines our willingness to find mutually productive ventures in line with the Make in India concept.

"Airbus Defence and Space is developing a vast range of tangible initiatives in India in cooperation with Indian companies and partners, including an investment in a radar development and production facility, extensive aerospace engineering activities, and of course the manufacturing together with Tata of the bulk of an expected fleet of 56 military transport aircraft proposed to replace India's ageing Avro fleet.”

Avdhesh Khaitan, CEO and founder of KDS said: “We are extremely excited to be teaming with Airbus Defence and Space. Although both companies are already offering products to the Indian armed forces, this teaming arrangement will greatly enhance the size and scope of what we can bid on future programmes."