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IAI Touts Katana Unmanned Combat Boat

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A KATANA Model, IAI's Unmanned Marine System, Is Presented At Euronaval

(Source: Israel Aerospace Industries; issued Oct 27, 2014)

Israel Aerospace Industries' (IAI) will exhibit "KATANA," its new unmanned combat marine system for homeland security (HLS) applications, at this year's Euronaval International Naval Defense and Maritime Exhibition, to be held in Paris from October 27-31. (IAI stand C39-B32)

The KATANA unmanned surface vessel (USV) supports a wide range of applications for HLS and the protection of exclusive economic zones, including - harbor security, patrol of shallow coastal and territorial waters, surface and electronic warfare and offshore platform protection (plus oil rigs, pipelines, and more).

The KATANA, as a multifunction vessel, is compatible with IAI's various systems and supports a totally integrated solution. This features unmanned capabilities which provide a response for the entire range of naval applications and revolutionizes maritime operations.

The system's dual operational mode allows for fully autonomous capabilities, controlled via an advanced command and control station, as well as for a manned combat operational mode. Based on a proven operational implementation of a USV system, the KATANA allows for the execution of a wide variety of missions. It can provide an early-warning situation picture, classifying, identifying and tracking targets - including those far away, and eventually intercepting them if required.

KATANA's features include autonomous navigation, collision avoidance, advanced control system and more. The vessel is equipped with various payloads (including electro-optical), communication systems, radio (Line of Site, LOS, or NLOS), radar and weapon systems. The systems' modular design allows for configuration adjustments and operational flexibility, as well as for adaptation to customer's requirements and needs.

The KATANA joins IAI's family of unmanned systems in air, space, land and sea, enhancing customers' operational capabilities with entirely interoperable solutions.