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Brazil Deploys Heron UAV for World Cup Security

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Israel Aerospace Industries’ Heron Unmanned Aerial System Takes Part in Securing Rio de Janeiro During the World Cup Games

(Source: Israel Aerospace Industries; issued June 25, 2014)

Israel Aerospace Industries' (IAI) Heron Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) is taking part in securing Rio de Janeiro and its surrounding area during the 2014 FIFA World Cup games, currently underway in Brazil.

The Heron system is being operationally deployed in the Rio de Janeiro area by the Brazilian Federal Police in close cooperation with the Brazilian Navy. This, as part of a comprehensive array of security measures during the World Cup games.

Heron performs ongoing reconnaissance missions in order to monitor any unusual or suspicious activity around Rio, including its periphery and coastal areas.

Heron UAS is used operationally by the Brazilian Federal Police since 2010. The Federal Police have accumulated a substantial amount of operational experience with the Heron UAS which allows it to operate the system in a variety of complex scenarios. The system is operated on a daily basis in the Parana state for law-enforcement missions such as border security, and the prevention of smuggling and drug trafficking.

Heron UAS carries multiple payloads and electro-optical sensors for both day and night imagery. A unique satellite communication system allows Heron to be operationally active over a wide range of flight altitudes and cover areas in excess of one thousand kilometers. Heron UAS can operate continuously in the air for more than forty hours.

IAI said: “We are proud of Heron’s activity with the Brazilian Federal Police, and honored that Heron is taking part in securing Rio during the World Cup games. While the eyes of billions of people worldwide are on the World Cup, it is reassuring to know that Heron’s eye in the sky is contributing to Rio’s safety.”

Dr. José de Freitas Iegas, director of intelligence for the Brazil Federal Police, said: “The Federal Police, through its Intelligence Directorate, promotes operational efforts such as prevention and repression of terrorism and organized crime in order to secure the 2014 FIFA World Cup games. To support these operations, the Federal Police's Unmanned Aerial System Heron, known as VANT, is being deployed. The VANT's main missions are to gather and provide data and information, to support the use of operational means against criminal and terrorist organizations that may disturb the community peace throughout the World Cup.”