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WASS Tests Civil Underwater Autonomous Vehicle

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Successful Tests in Bathtub for WASS' V-Fides

(Source: Finmeccanica; issued May 29, 2014)

LEGHORN, Italy --- On the 21st of May, in the external pool of Livorno’s WASS Headquarters, took place the first pool test with engines ignition of the Unmanned Underwater Vehicle V-Fides.

V-Fides is the acronym for Veicolo Filoguidato per l’Identificazione e l’Esplorazione Subacquea (wireguided vehicle for the identification and underwater exploration).

The vehicle was immersed in the water and, although it was fastened to the crane, during the immersion it showed the perfect ignition of its seven engines (both singularly and collectively) and did small but significant shifts.

This first test will be followed by others that will further evaluate the engine ignition. That, together with the stability of the battery and balancing tests, will test the reliability of the vehicle in order to arrive to a sea trial which, according to current programs, should be carried out by the end of next July.

The coastal area selected for the sea trial will likely be the body of water next to the Solvay factory in Rosignano, near Livorno. During this trial, the straight and curves trajectories that the V-Fides will effectuate in almost total autonomy will be monitored while it is wire-guided and controlled by radio and acoustic modem.

The V-Fides project includes the development of an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle to be used for several missions:
-- Environmental Monitoring of sea water
-- Exploration of sea bottoms
-- Monitoring of sea life
-- Archaeological Prospection

V-Fides is characterized by the ability to work either as Autonomous Vehicle (AUV) or as a Remote Controlled Vehicle (ROV). This project is part of the WASS effort to operate more in the civil market.