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China Mulls Large UCAV to Operate with J-21

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Expert: Chinese Aircraft Carrier Expects New-Type Unmanned Attackers, Maybe Effectively Partnering with J-20

(Source: People's Daily Online; published Nov. 28, 2013)

Interviewed by a reporter, military expert Li Li said that in the future China would need unmanned stealth attackers that could be transported by aircraft carrier or effectively partnered with the J-20.

When asked what kind of unmanned stealth attackers China would most need, Li Li answered that craft that could complete long-distance in-depth attacks on enemy targets would have to be large unmanned stealth planes weighing 6 to 10 tons, because only planes of such size and weight could carry sufficient ordinance.

In addition, the plane must have stealth capacity in order to be able to penetrate defensive perimeters. Although the cost of an unmanned plane is lower than that of a manned plane, the lower cost is of no value if the craft cannot meet mission requirements. Therefore, solving such problems as stealth material and aerodynamic shape represents a comprehensive development project.

In addition to large scale and stealth capacity, the plane must have substantial weapon-carrying capacity. Only with such characteristics would it be capable of meeting future needs.

Li Li also said, "Will such unmanned stealth attackers be able to take off from an aircraft carrier like the American X-47B? Only if they can be transported by aircraft carrier can their flight "reach" be extended. If they can effectively match the range of a manned fighter, e.g. the J-20, and can mount joint attacks under the command of a J-20, then they can give full play to their fighting capacity."